a house as a poetic space

shinkenchiku residential design competition 1998, Japan
honorable mentioning
jury: Shin Takamatsu
published in The Yearbook 1999, The Japan Architect 32 magazine
Selected project for the 1999 Spring exhibition in Charlottenborg Museum in Copenhagen. Exhibition of a model 1:10 exponsorized by Statens Kunstfond.


to look at the sky. the sky is anywhere.
to frame the sky. it´s already there.
to frame it will make it part of the internal space.

three walls and a glass roof…
and the fourth wall… also glass… to another view… to the landscape… the sea, trees, mountains, nature.
the house is open only by two sides… with glass…
glass that can open or become non transparent by an electric impuls.

a possibility of framing small pieces of sky… small pieces of landscape…
a possibility of creating our own poetic space.