141 flats in Rio Seco

I I.V.V.S.A. competition (Valencian Housing Institute)

The proposed solution defines three blocks of 9 heights for housing, and a socket that recovers the outer alignment, which is dedicated to social building and occupies part of ground floor and first floor.

The volume is created defining an interior space open, where from the access to housing is produced and enables joint operation of community.

This space-square is covered with light elements to create a different scale. The ground floor opens and closes this street, on the contrary the upper floors are more open to the street.

The social building is situated so that it can have an autonomous operation.

Depending on the geometry of the plot M3 and the average housing that is by applying the basic urban parameters a type A1, module 10.10m, 3 bedrooms and floorspace 85-90m2 was chosen.

The living area is placed at the corners, so that the block according to disposiciónde all households have good orientation and views.
The A1 type easily adapts to the geometía of the plot and to breed at 2 and 4 bedrooms program. On the upper floors and in the corner -Cot the living area is extended in an oriented according to the distant views terrace.

Materials. The initial idea is to use ceramic materials in the area and that the same materialpueda solve the socket, external paving, interior, stairs, gutters, terraces … So thought of an extruded stoneware, balnul type with color and texture with matecombinado brick white-gray mortar for vertical surfaces.