block of luxury flats

sky condos competition
San Isidro. Lima. Perú

Recalling the cultural ancestors of Peru and developed knowledge possessed by the Nazca geometry , comes to mind the beauty and perfection of the diagrams drawn and that still exist on the landscape of the Pampas de Jumana . Inspired by this magic work of universal recognition (World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994) , imagine how are you projecting lines on the skin of the new condo. This skin will provide diagrammatic own cosmopolitan identity and the new building , attracting inevitablemnte look everyone who passes by. In a benchmark and strangers , in short , will become , without doubt a landmark in San Isidro.

The volume of the building, free from the ground level , allows this scroll skin lines around the perimeter hugging the building so that we avoid unsightly bare medians both invade our cities. But not only has aesthetic value , this diagrammatic skin also has a functional value and a constructive reason.

Functional , managing to create an intermediate space between inside and outside , a secluded private place public and contributing to dampen unwanted noise such as traffic , that invade us from the outside . The gardens are arranged freely between the glass facade of the north and duplex apartments perimeter skin , resulting in a city garden in height. Every inhabitant of this condo has its own plot bounded by the skin of geometric diagrams where your apartment is located with its garden and its own pool. When designing these gardens have chosen a triangular shape whose apex is shifting horizontally free height , achieving a geometric play and a spinning sensation . It would also be possible, thanks to the proposed solution, obtained in this intermediate space gardens up to 12 meters high.

And because constructive geometric skin is both , the perimeter of the structure that supports the building and the fulcrum where the hanging garden terraces with pools are based. This steel structure supports vertical , horizontal and torsional efforts. The construction mechanism is identical to your drawing on paper. The skin of the building structure is designed for prefabrication parts shop right size for subsequent placing