children fashion shop


Xirivella. Valencia

architecture, interior design, corporate image design & project managment

Finalist in the IV SALONI AWARDS

Selected 2004 FAD AWARDS in Barcelona

Before, the place, a room of 202,00 m2 and 3,60 m hight, was used as a private parking area.

The main goal of this project was to create a simple but rich space by using very few materials. The geometry and lighting were the main protagonists in moulding the place. A simple combination of plaster boards planes gives shape to the new room. False ceilings differentiate the areas within a single unit of space. The table counter forms part of the generated geometry.

The short mirrors 1,20 m hight, placed under the clothe´s rack, give children´s scale to the large room. Merchandising are both integrated into the design and outstanding for the customers.

The lighting is integrated among the plaster boards, as lines of “day light fluorescent tubes”. Light in general is white except the line towards the ceiling. This one uses filters to give colours that reflects in the upper part of the space.

The space changes completely when the different lines of light are turned on or off and the color disappears or fills the room.