towers of flats & offices


Quatre Carreres quarter, Valencia, Spain
client / cliente: AUMSA, housing institution of valencia municipality / AUMSA, Actuaciones Urbanas de Valencia

sqm / superficie: 10.234,00 M2
budget / pem: 10.000.000 €

The building is mainly of housing, but contains commerciual spaces and offices in the 3 lower floors.

The towers contains economic apartments VPP, but also free apartments. at the beginning of the project, the number os flats was limited to 72, but this was modified and we had to change the squeem for getting as much flats as possible that was 164. The area of the flats goes from 45.00 m2 – 95.00 m2.

To comply with this complex program, we designed a flexible scheme that could allow to divide each floor into 2, 3 or 4 homes. We included also some duplex in the scheme.

The sections have a characteristic movement. The sloping areas result from moving the main façades about 30 cm to the street and the garden yard, to the outside or retracting. The result are two towers that although they have been generated from the same geometric principle, are different and “are in movement”.

This movement is emphasized by the vertical structures that run through the main facades of the two towers on both sides. Structures that will house climbing and hanging plants, creating spaces with a microclimate on the terraces to where the living rooms of all the flats are placed.