market place in Inca, Mallorca

second prize

We consider that in adition to the market and underground parking, the project could be better for the entire area.

A day in july, when the village was in celebration, walking throug the streets of Inca, from the the town council to the church, we thought that the España square and Santa María la mayor should be conected with the new Market square.

Like the white flags in the air are binding the spaces, a continuos floor would also show the way to the market. That means, the new market can only be a very open structure that is part of the urban space that solves the actual density problem.
Traditionally, the interior villages exchanged its land products with sea products from the sea. That took us to design an open air, diaphan space where the pillars are masts that bears some textile structures.

Thursdays, when there is street selling, the new tauparlins will show the center of the activities and everybody will go to the market cafe. Days when there is not so much activity, this place will be part of the square and will encourage the public live under the textile roofs.

These roofs will reflect the last sun hours, and will light from themselves at night, becoming large screen lamps.

We have also given importance to how this structure is joining the surrounding buildings. The diagonal disposition makes possible to open the square at the corners, where the old market was overwhelmed.