house ferrando-gomez


house in the center of Carcelén, a village in Albacete

architecture, interior design & project managment

The site, is formed by two plots in corner of the Plaza Parador. The geometry adopted in the design of the house, gives a good relationship with the outer space and the environment. A large indoor spacial and bright richness despite the narrow streets of the urban area was achieved.

As part of the composition, an outdoor openair patio parallel to the street, becomes part of the house through the large glass doors that open the house completely to it, turning the ground floor into an open space where transparency between interior and exterior is complete. This is achieved to get natural light to the bottom of the plot.

The first floor: bedrooms. Several journeys arising from the geometry of the house, and inspired by the urban, indoor rides to get where perspective and light, and involve surprise .

Multiple routes were created from the geometry of the house, inspired by the urban net. The target was to create interiors walks whose perspectives and light, were surprising and involving.

The contrasts created by the highlights and shadows, are emphasized by a subtle change in the tone of the paint on the walls : warm white to light gray.

There is a skylight at the bottom of the plot that crosses the house and reaches the ground floor, managing to bring natural light to the interior bathrooms (first level) and the kitchen (ground level).