satamalahti area development in finland



Situated by lake Samaa, Mikkeli meets particular natural qualities in extending. As the architecture physically interacts between water and land, it makes it more accessible for people in manner of travelling, activities and perception.
In the proposal the term ecology is treated as a matter of resources, the origin of things, and as an awarenss of our behaviour. Urban development, as a physical proces based upon the living condition in the culture, the city: How we live our daily life.

Energy nerves, spread and gather public areas, private areas.

Regarding globalization and all it implies, human relation, social stimuli, is a key factor, as well as appreciating our close surroundings in seeking life quality. The prerequisite for a functioning system of common/public spaces, are proposing activities which connects with the potential of the area (can be planned in a large scale, succeeds when proccessed realised in a small scale, down to earth where people travel. Base point).

The proposals in this profile is an overall motive of several interventions promoting access and presence in the zone between water and land, culture and nature.

“Life Between Buildings are potetielt a self-reinforcing process. When someone starts to do something, there is a clear tendency to others joining, either one’s own or just to experience what the other is doing. This gives the individual events and people amongst themselves to inspire and stimulate each other, and when this process first got started, the total activity power becomes almost always larger and more complex than the sum of the original indvolverede part-activities. (…) On the playground will be observed how the play activities is similarly self-reinforcing. If some children first istarts playing, inspired other children self to get out and play with them, and the little playing grupe quickly grows into a great one. A process is now on the way.” Life Between Buildings, Jan Gehl architect.