studio in raval

architecture, interior design & project managment




Open space and Recicling. The reform of the local located in the central courtyard of two buildings of the architect Antoni de Moragas i Gallissà , should consider a dual use, even simultaneously : as a workplace and as housing . However , it was immediate intention to recover the original empty space , which had been divided into cubicles by partitions of wood and glass , with the added intention to reuse the metal structure once removed , which had been designed by industrial and Swiss artist ,  Andre Felix . We worked and insisted to find a clean design and easy mounting system that would enhance the quality and beauty of recycled aluminum and fulfill the role of shelf. This system became available , with minor variations, in different parts of the studio apartment. The target was to achieve an introvert , sober and bright artificial landscape , based on its essence and detail, well produced and was the scene of various functions. A shared where possible work, cook , eat, meet, rest , listen to music or dance . An elastic space that would allow changes without losing the intrinsic harmony of the starting point.

Virtual distribution. The distributive should be simple with the intention of emphasizing the unity of the idea and space. Home is divided into three areas by mobile virtual parallel facade panels , which transform the space allowed, unify or divide, depending on the mood or the use made of it translucent glass . The seating area next to the windows, they remained elevated for the standard height of one meter above ground level. The intermediate zone is working , and in the background a dressing room, a generous bathroom and a loft for storage and a bedroom whose only function is to rest was ordered.

Facilities and lightning. Some lines of light integrated into the geometry of the new shelves with indirect lighting perimeter space. Fluoro methacrylate sheets , add a touch of  color. The various independent light areas in the single space, create changing environments. The false ceiling smooth and continuous, free of installations, as they run along with the warm floor under the wooden floor.

Materials, textures, contrasts. Both the floor and the tables are natural wood treatment applied Scandinavian, open pore, bleach and a white finish. The vertical walls were painted with a brush , white sand cement glue, eliminating the existing gotelé getting an irregular structure and vertical character. Both finishes contrast with the shiny surfaces of the glass, laminated boards with high gloss and aluminum profiles. The staircase was painted in graphite gray to emphasize the light and airy feel of the headspace.

The only isolated room. The bathroom was designed as a sculptural unit where all functions are integrated aesthetically. It has a double access : from the work area and from the station, thus providing privacy between the two uses. After sliding doors mirror the washing hides.